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Smart AT Robot - Voice Command, Touch Control, Music and Dancing

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These robots are looking for an owner to love and play with.

  • Play Music and Dance

  • Eyes Indicator

  • Voice Commands

  • Intelligent Touch Sensors

  • Recording and Playback

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“I bought this for my daughter's birthday gift. She was so happy with this little friend. This is so much fun. Aside from dancing, singing, touch sensors, it also has recordings which can speak like you. My daughter very much enjoys this. This is not only a toy, this is a kid's best friend.”

- Penny W.

Give the perfect gift that kids will remember

Best gift to help in teaching concepts in robotics and in developing creativity and motor skills.

Kid’s Partner

Has a variety of functions that can accompany children to play together. Not only does the Smart Robot play as a good friend, it can also be a good teacher for your kids

With Multiple Functions

Recording and playback, moving, playing music, and dancing are skills he is good at.

Easy to Control and Interact

Designed with 3 touch senses and 1 microphone button, which can easily be pressed to accept voice commands through the microphone

Safe and Reliable

Our Smart AT Robot is made of eco-friendly and odorless plastic. 100% safe for kids’ endless fun. 

Ergonomically designed, Compact and Flexible

Multifunctional while being clean looking. Powered on 3-triple A batteries only. It is compact, lightweight, and flexible which makes it very convenient for you to carry and store anywhere.

Best gift to help in teaching concepts in robotics and in developing creativity and motor skills.

Here’s some of our customers who just can’t get enough!

"This fun little interactive robot for toddlers and children is very safe to play with and is great for developing tactile senses. It responds to commands and helps with speech development. It is lightweight, safe, and easy to keep clean." - Janice S.

"I got this for my 22 month-old daughter. She has so much fun with this robot! She’ll have full-on conversations with it when it’s repeating what she says. It’s adorable since she’s still learning how to speak. She also dances with it when it’s dancing. Very happy with this purchase!" - Phoebe C.

"I bought this Robot for my 4 yr old son. He likes this toy very much and cannot put it down. This toy can sing, dance, and speak like you! It can do everything you tell it to do. It is an amazing gift for kids. It's like a little friend for your toddler. It’s a fun and interactive way of playing. It responds to touch and voice commands, moves forward and backward, turns right and left, and dances to music. Love it, worth to buy!"

- Summer K.

"Great interactive robot for any kid. My nephew loves this robot sooo much, he takes it with him wherever he goes. It doesn’t have small loose parts or anything so it feels safe to let it be around a baby boy. Perfect size, not very big but yet great to take on the go. It’s very cute how it moves and talks. We had a great time watching him playing with the robot. That is really great value!" - Karen M.

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