Wonder Gears is not your average building block!

Encourage your child's creativity with Wonder Gears! 

Let’s face it, succeeding in the modern world will be a more difficult challenge for our kids than it was for us. We need to encourage our kids to strive for excellence while teaching them how to keep the process fun and fulfilling.


Wonder Gears is designed to improve capabilities such as spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, physical understanding, creativity, and much more. By exposing children to the joys of building something, along with the wonder of technology, Wonder Gears works to adequately prepare children ages 3+ for the future.


Wonder Gears sets are composed of several types of components.

The component types include stable gears, structure blocks, motorized gears, and aesthetic pieces. The gears pieces work together to create elaborate spiralling patterns and enable children to experiment with mobile design and locomotion. The gear blocks are fastened onto the structure blocks. The aesthetic pieces, like the stickers, foster creativity and allow children to explore the visually pleasing aspects of design. Kids can create anything from robots to cars and trains, mini-cities to dinosaurs; the possibilities are endless!


Aside from the sheer conceptual benefits of Wonder Gears stands the quality of the toy’s construction. The toy sets are designed for all ages (3+), so the gears are both durable and safe. The rounded edges of the pieces ensure that no child gets hurt playing with a piece, and the durable materials of the pieces ensure long-lasting play. Additionally, Wonder Gears toy sets are intuitive and easy-to-use. The pieces just snap together, allowing the creative process to thrive unhindered. These values of creativity, education, quality of materials, and ease-of-use combine to help any child succeed in the 21st century.