Dinosaur Eggs In Water - 4 pcs

Dinosaur Eggs In Water - 4 pcs

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Product Description



Product Description

  • 4 pack of super grow dinosaur eggs that hatch and grow in water - a fun time for kids
  • Discover a super-sized Velociraptor, Pachycephalosaurus and Corythosaurus
  • Dino egg toys will grow up to 3x their original size
  • Each dinosaur is paired with an educational card to learn fun facts


Colorful Creatures

These brightly colored dinosaurs will make any child smile.

The Possibilities are Endless!

A world of joy and excitement will be uncovered when you wait for your new dinosaur to hatch!

Get to know your new pet!

Learn all about the spectacular creatures with fun fact cards that are included in each pack!

Directions for Use:

-Place Eggs in water. Within 24-36 hours your egg will begin to crack.

-Each day, replace the water. The animal will continue to grow out of its shell.

-You may help your pet out its shell, and it will continue to grow up to 5-10x its size.

-When the animal hatches, rinse it off as it will be slippery, and either play with it, or place it back in clean water and watch it continue to grow daily.