Large Dynamic Car with bricks

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  • Babies First Building Blocks are uniquely designed for little hands and minds, with their small shaped structure and bright variety of colors your child will play all day with this educational, yet fun learning toy!
  • Boys and girls both will enjoy playing with these bright multicolored building blocks including yellow, blue, red, green, and orange. Perfect for all children ages 2 and up!
  • Educational, yet fun with its car-shaped storage container, your child will enjoy playing with this learning toy as the enhance their fine motor skills and spark a flame in their early childhood development.
  • Fast and easy cleanup/storage! This car shaped body will easily store all building blocks when your child is finished playing.
  • Babies First Building Blocks Car Set will magnify your child’s imagination and give them endless possibilities of construction with these bright multicolored building blocks!

What happened to the days of playing with toys that made you think, use your hands, and expand your creativity? With Wonder Gears, you can give your kids that hands-on experience once again. 

Wonder Gears aims to bring purpose back to toys, allowing parents to interact with children, and have fun building, creating, and imagining. Our educational building blocks and gears games help your kids expand, develop, and strengthen a variety of skills, unlike many electronic toys on the market. Our product is not only fun, but it gives you a way to spend time with your child, in a more productive and interactive way. 

We Build Inspiration

Nothing compares to one-on-one time, making memories and building critical skills your children need throughout life. Each Wonder Gears toy comes with 82 pieces, per box, making creative building something anyone at any age can enjoy. Build a castle, a car garage, or doll house. The possibilities are endless when you have Wonder gear. If you want to build bigger structures, all you have to do is add more to your collection! 

With more than six years of industry experience, Wonder Gear knows what it takes to put a smile on your kid's face. Our toys are thoroughly tested for safety and enjoyment for kids ages three and older. We also support our local kid's hospitals and day care with regular toy donations, making fun something everyone has access to.

Time to put the iPad away - lets play! Come into one of our six locations throughout Vegas, or shop online now!


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