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Help with Your Kid's Developments: Play with Them

All children love to play but have you considered the importance of playing with your child when it comes to their development? Studies show that promoting play with children not only encourages healthy development, but it also helps to maintain a strong parent-child bond.  

How Your Child's Brain Development is Linked with Play

About 75% of the brain's development takes place after birth. Parents are tasked with providing children with activities and stimuli that will influence the connections between the brain's nerve cells. When this happens, children will develop gross and fine motor skills, socialization, language, personal awareness, creativity, problem-solving skills, emotional well-being, and learning ability.

Play should help children engage and be as active as possible, allowing them to make choices and practice different options until they are mastered. A child should have varying play experiences that involve such things as math, music, science, language, and art. These different areas will help a child's brain to develop in different ways. Play that connects cognitive, sensorimotor and social-emotional experiences provide the ideal setting for brain development.

Child Development Toys as Essential Tools

There are many ways to engage a child with play, but one of the most effective is with the use of educational toys. For example, stem toys and gears toys provide children with several benefits:

  • Learn and figure out how things work
  • Build strength and muscle control
  • Solve problems
  • Learn new ideas
  • Use imagination
  • Learn cooperation with others

Educational toys such as gears toys allow children to build structures that range from the simple to the complex. The safe and durable materials ensure that children won't be injured during play and that the materials will be long-lasting. Kids can create vehicles and robots with the gears, allowing them to merge building skills with the wonder of technology.

Playing with Your Child to Enhance Their Experience

As a parent, you can improve your child's play experience by sitting down with them and engaging in their play time. Set aside an hour each day, or as much time as you can afford, to have quality play time with your child. Allow your child to lead the play experience as you follow and provide some guidance.

If you are playing with developmental or stem toys, ask your child to tell you a story that goes along with the structure they are building. Otherwise, ask them to tell you about their school day or some other experience while you sit together. Depending on their age, you can use this experience to work on problem-solving skills and encourage your child's creativity.

Your child's play is a unique opportunity for development and learning new concepts. Parents can participate by playing with their children, particularly when using the right sorts of educational toys.



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